Natural anti-moth linen spray – May Chang blend

Natural anti-moth linen spray – May Chang blend

The May Chang linen spray introduces a touch of luxury to your anti-moth tool box. A unique and delightful selection of natural moth repelling essential oils have been blended to perfection by a perfumier and aromatherapist.  Including May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, thyme and clove bud, all the oils have been produced organically and blended in the New Forest National Park.


When to use the May Chang Linen Spray

During the moth breeding season from May to October, use the May Chang linen spray weekly anywhere that moths could choose to lay their eggs.  This means dark spaces where there are natural fibres for moths to feed on. Spray inside wardrobes and drawers, under furniture, on upholstery, underneath rugs and behind curtains. With a beautiful aroma that clothes moth hate, spritz away until your hearts content, and of course with such a lovely scent you may wish to use all year round!

Each bottle contains 100ml of fragrance. Formulated in natural plant alcohol and spring water.