Chrysanthemum moth spray

Chrysanthemum moth spray

For an instant knockdown of clothes moth, try the Chrysanthemum moth spray. This quick and effective spray kills all life stages of the clothes moth on contact and is an excellent first port of call for a heavy infestation.


What is Chrysanthemum moth spray made of?

Chrysanthemums contain a natural insecticide called pyrethrum, which kills insects. This spray is formulated with natural pyrethrum, which is sourced from sustainable chrysanthemum farms in Kenya, and it is scented with a unique blend of anti-moth essential oils, which are organically produced and blended in the New Forest National Park. The essential oils are May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, clove and thyme.

This formula does not contain artificial ingredients, organo-chlorine pesticides, synthetic materials, or harmful synergists such as PBOs (piperonyl butoxide) which are often used in other insecticides.

How to use Chrysanthemum moth spray

Set aside a whole day to treat a room with the Chrysanthemum moth spray.  Close all windows and curtains.  Wearing a mask, spray around the walls starting at the furthest point in and work your way towards the door. Sprays walls, under furniture, carpets and the back of curtains. Close the door and leave for 4 hours.  Then, still wearing a mask, open all windows, doors and curtains. Leave the room to air for another 4 hours allowing the light to break down the remaining pyrethrum.  Remove clothes from a wardrobe before treating and ensure they are clean or dry cleaned before replacing them.


Each bottle contains 250ml. Always read the label before use.