Can you / How to get rid of clothes moth naturally?

Our products are inspired by the plants used by ancient civilisations to control insects.

The ancient Egyptians used Rosemary, Thyme and Cedar in the embalming process to protect mummies from hungry insects. May Chang, a plant native to Southern Asia, was used as a potent insect repellent and the Romans used Lavender to deter insects even sprinkling it liberally among bed sheets.

How to get rid of clothes moths - May Chang

These civilisations wouldn’t have known why these herbs were effective, but we now know that the primary constituents of some essential oils have an insecticidal or repellent effect on insects and that plants develop these volatile compounds to ward off insects and protect themselves.

Our moth prevention products use what nature has provided to help manage clothes moth, whether it is our signature blends of essentials oils to repel moths, species specific pheromone to trap moths and reduce mating or chrysanthemum extract to kill eggs, larvae and adult clothes moths. Rest assured, our product range covers all stages of the clothes moth lifecycle naturally.