Top tips for natural moth prevention​

1. Clean, Clean, Clean – Vacuum your home and wardrobe regularly to keep dust at bay. Clothes moth do not like to be disturbed so regular cleaning will deter them from setting up home.

2. Protect clothes in storage – When putting valuable items away for the season, ensure they are clean and place them in our protective knitwear bags which are made of fabric strong enough to stop clothes moths from getting in but are breathable to ensure mould does not develop.

3. Use natural repellents – Place our essential oil sachets in your wardrobes and drawers. The natural fragrance is aromatic and sumptuous to humans but repellent to moths.

4. Be vigilant – Check stored clothes regularly for signs of damage. Inspect furniture such as underneath footstools, sofa’s and rugs, especially in rooms which are used infrequently. Place a Moth box in each room. Infused with the species-specific pheromone to attract the common male clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella), it provides an early warning sign.


Top tips for natural moth prevention​ - Cashmere Storage Bag