Moth box refills

Moth box refills

The Moth Box refills pack replenishes the Moth box. Each pack contains 2 sticky glue boards which should be replaced every 12 weeks.


What is the Moth box?

Inside the Moth box, a sticky board is coated in special glue which is attractive to male clothes moth.

The specialist glue is infused with a pheromone which the female clothes moth releases to attract the male in order to mate.

The male moth is attracted to the glue and sticks to it. Reducing the number of males leads to reduced mating and less moth damage.

The pheromone is specific to the common clothes moth species (Tineola bisselliella) and will only attract the male of this species.

How do you know if you’ve got clothes moth?

Place the refill in the Moth box and put the Moth box in a place where clothes moth is likely to hide.

This means dark quiet areas away from the human activity with access to natural fibres as a food source. Underneath furniture is a good spot. Do not place inside wardrobes or drawers.

If you find 1-2 moths a week you know you have clothes moth and need to keep an eye on the situation. Check clothes and items nearby to see if you can find evidence of moth activity such as holes in fabrics.

If you find that the glue board is full of moths within 1-2 weeks you need to tackle the infestation straight away.  Set time aside for a deep clean and consider other methods such as the Moth Decoy and Chrysanthemum moth spray.