Moth Box

Moth Box

The Moth box is a fantastic tool for clothes moth management. It traps male clothes moths helping to control a small population and also helps monitor Clothes moth numbers and locate where they are coming from.


How does the Moth box work

A sticky glue board inside the Moth box is impregnated with the female clothes moth pheromone.

She uses this to attract the male clothes moth to mate, So the sticky board attracts males moths where they become stuck and perish. Fewer male moths means fewer mated females and a reduction in subsequent generations.

Where to position a Moth box

Position a Moth box in dark quiet locations, under wardrobes, bedside tables or sofas. Do not put inside furniture.

Check the box weekly. 1 to 2 moths on the board suggests a light infestation in which case, consider checking clothes in wardrobes and soft furnishing nearby for any signs of moth damage. Keep an eye on weekly numbers to see if they increase.

If the box is filled in 1 to 2 weeks, the infestation is significant and will require further action. This should include a deep clean and use of further products such as the Chrysanthemum Moth Spray and the Moth Decoy.


Replenish the glue board every 12 weeks with the Moth Box refill pack.