Cedarwood shoe trees

Cedarwood shoe trees

For shoe lovers everywhere, shoe trees really will extend the life of shoes, and help them to keep their original form.

The natural oils in Cedarwood have anti-moth properties so these shoe trees not only provide a cleansing, refreshing scent to worn shoes but also fend of clothes moths which are attracted to sweat on natural materials like leather and suede. 


Get the best out of Cedarwood shoe trees

Insert the shoe trees into the shoe whilst they are still warm, as soon as the foot is removed. The shoe material will cool and contract around the tree and return to its original shape.

As well and scenting the shoe, the Cedarwood will absorb moisture. The flexible sleek design is suitable for the daintiest footwear.

Packaged in an organza gift bag, measures 30cm x 7cm.