Cedar Balls

Cedar Balls

A well known natural insect repellent, Cedarwood oil contains compounds that repel clothes moths as well as other insects. The oil creates a spicy, forest-like aroma traditionally thought of as a masculine perfume but in reality, is loved by men and women alike.

Cedarwood was originally used to make storage chests to protect clothes from moths but for those of us with less space, a simple cedar ball will do the job!


Where to place Canada Red Cedar balls

Place balls in drawers and among clothing. They are particularly good from putting in pockets especially of woollen winter coats where moths love to hide and feast. Alternatively, hang the organza bag containing cedarwood balls around the neck of a clothes hanger.

Every six months refresh the cedar aroma by lightly sanding.

Each bag contains 20 cedarwood balls. Each bag measures 12cm x 9cm