Cedar hanging blocks

Cedar hanging blocks

What better way to protect valuable suit and coats in the rail section of a wardrobe than with these super Cedarwood hanging blocks. Clothes moths feed on natural fibres like wool, cashmere and silk which contain protein, keratin so using natural repellents among susceptible garments is a must.

Aromatic Cedarwood contains oils that act as a repellent to insects including clothes moths. The fresh, spicy aroma of cedarwood instantly creates a fresh, clean forest feel but is detested by moths and deters them from laying their eggs in the vicinity of the cedar scent.

Traditionally, Cedarwood was used to make wardrobes and chests as the ultimate moth repellent. We can’t all stretch to bespoke furniture so the Cedarwood hanging blocks make a super alternative.


Where to place the cedarwood hanger

Hang a block on the clothes rail every 50cm. Every 3 months lightly sand the block to bring the oils out and revive the aroma.

Each box contains 6 cedarwood blocks.

Each hanger measures 24cm, width 5cm, depth 1cm (Including the hanger)