The moth decoy

The moth decoy

For a long long term solution to Clothes moths, look no further than the Moth Decoy.

This clever product disrupts the mating cycle of the clothes moth, working continuously to reduce mating so that every subsequent generation that emerges is smaller until there are none left.  Used over a minimum of a year, it is brilliant at tackling those hard to budge infestations.


How does the Moth Decoy disrupt the mating cycle?

The Moth Decoy is a small tablet made of a food-grade powder. The powder is infused with the pheromone that the female clothes moth emits to call a male to mate. The pheromone infused powder is compressed into a tablet but powder particles on the outer edges still come off a bit like a piece of chalk.

As the male moth flutters around the Moth Decoy, pheromone powder stick to it, which prevents it from finding and mating with female moths. It also causes it to be attractive to other males.

Over time, more males become part of the confusion effect drastically reducing mating. Over subsequent generations, the numbers consistently go down.

For the best results with Moth Decoy

With all moth prevention techniques, using a number of methods together brings the best result.  It is advisable to carry out a deep clean and treat a heavy infestation with the Chrysanthemum moth spray before placing the Moth Decoy.

It will work on moths 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is completely safe.  Consider using it in conjunction with a Moth box to help you monitor the reduction in numbers.

Replace the Moth Decoy every 3 months to ensure the pheromone is at an optimum level.

Each unit including the holder measures 7cm x 2.5cm