Cashmere bag

Cashmere bag

The Cashmere bag is the perfect storage solution for delicate luxury garments such as cashmere, and silk.

Natural fibres are the perfect food source for clothes moths, so what better way to protect them from moths and dust than to store them in a protective case.


Made for clothes storage convenience

The perfect size for two fine knits or one chunky one, the storage bag zips open on three sides for easy packing. The top of the bag has a window made of organdie, fine sheer cotton which allows you to see what’s stored inside.

Made of 100% cotton, this practical bag is machine washable, so can be kept in tip-top condition. It is also super lightweight, making it the perfect travel accessory for protecting delicate items from snagging inside a suitcase.

How to store cashmere

Cashmere is extremely attractive to clothes moth.  Even once worn clothes will be more attractive to clothes moth with skin cells or invisible food residues acting as an attractant. When storing away in the cashmere storage bag, ensure garments are meticulously clean.

Each bag measures 32cm x 27cm x 6cm