Knitwear Comb

Knitwear Comb

Restore and rejuvenate cashmere and woollen clothing with a practical and effective knitwear comb.

It is quite normal for high-quality natural materials like cashmere and wool to develop pills or bobbles through wear. Pills tend to appear in areas of greater friction such as underarms, or the lower back area where the fabric comes into contact with the backs of chairs. Do not fear! They are extremely easy to get rid of with a knitwear comb.


How to use the knitwear comb

Lay the garment out flat or even put it on if you are de-pilling an area you can reach. Hold the item taut with one hand and brush the fabric with quick light movements with the comb.  For best results, remove fuzz and fluff from the comb as you go.

Measuring 7.5cm x 5cm is the perfect size for a handbag or to have close at hand in any number of drawers around the house.