Knitwear bag

Knitwear bag

Store knitwear and t-shirts safely away from clothes moths and dust with the Knitwear and T-shirt Storage bag.

Ultimately practical, the storage bag has some neat design features to protect and prolong the life of clothes.


Designed to protect precious garments

The perfect size for three big knits or ten finer knits or t-shirts, the storage bag is made of a see-through flexible plastic to help see what’s inside and a removable description card that sits neatly in a pocket.

The top and bottom of the bag are made of a strong breathable fabric woven tight enough to prevent moths and dust from getting through while allowing movement of air to prevent the growth of mould. The bag also has a strong, good-quality zip.

How to store clothes safely

Clothes moths are attracted to the protein, keratin, found in hair, skin cells and food residues. Make sure all clothes are clean or dry-cleaned before storing them away. Use a folding pallet to fold clothes to a uniform size, this will help get the most out of the space inside the bag. Consider placing a May Chang drawer sachet inside the bag as an extra moth repellent and ensure the zip is sufficiently closed with no gap at the top.

Each bag measures 35cm x 30cm x 12cm